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And to the pests who keep doing multiple hits on my site in rapid succession from a handful of different country signatures… your ghosting VPN doesn’t hide your efforts.  You’re not nearly as clever as you think.  But hey, thanks for driving up the hit count.


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Upcoming Concerts:

Fri., June 23 – DSO – The Music of John Williams
Sat., July 22 – Don Henley Birthday Bash (w/ special guests)
Sun., Oct. 29 – DSO – Raiders of the Lost Ark
Sat., Nov. 18 – DSO – Saint-Saëns Organ Symphony

Fri., Feb. 16 – DSO – Tchaikovsky 6 Pathétique
Sat., Feb. 24 – DSO – Mahler 2
Sat., March 24 – DSO – The Brandenburg Concertos
Sat., April 14 – DSO – Beethoven 2