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I’ve finally finished transferring over some of my old Audible reviews.  Anything not transferred at this point isn’t worth reading, in which case I may write new reviews for those books down the road.  As these are older reviews (and backdated accordingly), comments are automatically closed per the defined parameters of this site.  If you’d care to offer feedback, please feel free to contact me directly via my Contact page.  In the meantime… forward!


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Upcoming Concerts:

Fri., April 28 – DSO – Vivaldi’s Four Seasons + Beethoven 6
Fri., June 23 – DSO – The Music of John Williams
Sat., July 22 – Don Henley Birthday Bash (w/ special guests)
Sun., Oct. 29 – DSO – Raiders of the Lost Ark
Sat., Nov. 18 – DSO – Saint-Saëns Organ Symphony

Fri., Feb. 16 – DSO – Tchaikovsky 6 Pathétique
Sat., Feb. 24 – DSO – Mahler 2
Sat., March 24 – DSO – The Brandenburg Concertos
Sat., April 14 – DSO – Beethoven 2