The Compleat Gentleman: The Modern Man’s Guide to Chivalry by Brad Miner

In stark contrast to The Knight’s Code by Robert Noland (which I also reviewed), this book is exactly what I hoped it would be. Without any religious agenda, the author extrapolates the finer points behind the concept of chivalry, traces how it evolved through the ages, and gives the reader a means by which to apply such things to life in the modern politically-correct world. As one who tries to live by a chivalric code, I found that a great many ideas here resonated with what I already understood, and many more ideas helped to build upon gaps in my understanding and appreciation. The history is interesting and accurate to the best of my knowledge, serving to facilitate the evolution of the gentlemanly mindset without alienating the reader or scaring him away. I learned plenty along the way to supplement my previous knowledge, so that’s always a plus. As with any book of this nature, the information is only a curiosity unless applied.  If the reader is willing to apply the ideas within, this book could be a transformative experience… but only the reader can determine the fullness of that claim for himself.

5 stars

Compleat Gentleman

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