The Crusades by Zoé Oldenbourg

Another book I got via Audible, this book covers the first three (and most infamous) Crusades. I would suggest that it’s a little more in-depth than a review for beginners, but it’s certainly not on the expert level. With a basic understanding of who the players are and perhaps a period map at your side, you’ll have little trouble following along. As with most history, it’s going to come down to your level of interest. The more interested you are, the more you’ll get out of it. The good thing there is that, as any history buff can attest, any good story can be made that much better with the right telling. This one is a quality spin and makes the characters and their personalities stand out so as to keep you hooked.

Nadia May is perfectly chosen as the narrator for this sort of thing. She brings both a conversational quality and an authority to the text, bringing it to life. I’ve heard her work on other Medieval histories, and just as elsewhere, her pronounciation of international names, places, and phrases lends to that credibility that you just can’t get from a narrator that might otherwise butcher the linguistics. Such liguistic dexterity gives the book that extra nudge.

4 stars


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