Interview with an Angel by Stevan J. Thayer and Linda Sue Nathanson, Ph.D.

There are many ways to approach a book like this, and depending on which camp you fall into, it will completely jade your experience of it right from the beginning.

If you disbelieve outright, you probably wouldn’t be reading this book, though I know some that might. In this case, it’ll come across as disingenious nonsense.

If you’re a healthy skeptic, the lengthy introductions in this book will serve to help you to understand that you’re correct in your approach, and there are many examples drawn to demonstrate the different kinds of channeled works ranging from the incredulous to the plausible. There are also many examples of pure genius illustrated within these pages that, whether you believe the works were channeled or not, the quality of them cannot be disputed. This then is the invite for the reader to be open to the message of Ariel as channeled by Thayer.

If you’re a believer, no introduction is necessary, but the introduction within serves to counterpoint why things shouldn’t always be taken at face value.

Regardless of how you approach it, the message within is worth exploring. There are certainly a lot of New Age “woo woo” books out there that offer up a great deal of trumped up fluff about nothing, preying solely on the idea that the reader is somehow “special,” and the world isn’t as it should be. Sadly, the more sincere efforts amongst the flock are laced with the same message, so it’s difficult to distinguish the well-intended from those trying to make the money grab.

A book like this, how it’s put together, and with the consideration of the author’s backstory and pursuits, serves to plant that little seed of “what if?” that the curious or the lost souls of the world are looking for. At the same time, it’s easy to see that Thayer took a left turn and made a high-earning business from it, so that’ll spark some strong debate from believers and skeptics alike.

The idea of what is said and how it’s said rings true, at least it did for me. Do I buy it? I can’t say for sure. I found it interesting, certainly, and I could see how my mood at any given point swayed my interpretation of much of what I read. Taken on its own, I would be left with more questions than answers. Taken with my own understanding and personal spirituality (which doesn’t align with organized religion on most levels), this spoke to me on some level. I’ll probably revisit it in the near future after I’ve processed it further.

4 stars


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