Nothing is Impossible: Reflections on a New Life by Christopher Reeve

Maybe I’m biased. Like so many others like me, Christopher Reeve has been a role model for me since Superman first hit the big screen. As I grew up, I got to learn about the man behind the Man of Steel, and his “can do” attitude continued to inspire. Between the accident that left him paralyzed and his death years later, Reeve’s inner strength proved the title of this book to be true. Nothing is impossible.

So many years later, it’s still heart-wrenching to hear him speak about his experiences in his own words, so it’s no surprise this book packs quite the punch. At the same time, this is one of those stories that only he could tell with all of the humanity and personal conviction he could bring to bear. There’s nothing sugar-coated here; the tragedy and the optimism are both as genuine as the man himself. This audiobook is written and presented in such a way that he’s speaking directly to you.

Before the end of his life, Reeve was able to walk again, with assistance, and only a few steps at a time. But it did happen. The force of will to do that is unquestioningly great, and it’s something few of us can fathom. This book helps to fill in the picture a bit, and to show that this level of commitment to an idea is not only human, it’s within us all. Whatever the situation, whatever the misfortune, we are gifted with untold reserves that help us to adapt and to (as Reeve himself has said) “go forward.” This is the legacy of Christopher Reeve. It’s a message all of us deserve to hear.

5 stars

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