The History of the Ancient World: From the Earliest Accounts to the Fall of Rome by Susan Wise Bauer

I find that in my studies of history, comprehensive and sweeping overviews are invaluable, both to help keep people and events in perspective, and to give me an idea of where I might want to dig deeper later on. I’ve gone through a number of such overviews over the years, though not one as ambitious as this one. From the mists of legend through to the fall of Rome as the title suggests, Bauer weaves together all of the broad strokes of human history in this time period. For the earlier accounts, history is extrapolated from mythology and archaeology, translating symbolism into human events. Another high point of praise is that most overviews like this will pick a single nation or perhaps a hemisphere. This covers East and West, putting the rise and fall of various dynasties on a timeline that allows the reader to compare and contrast in an way that I’ve not seen with such effectiveness. Bauer has similar titles for Medieval and Renaissance history, and I’m looking forward to connecting those stories as one larger tapestry.

5 stars