Gothic Art: Vampires, Witches, Demons, Dragons, Werewolves & Goths by Nicola Henderson

As a history / art geek, when I think Gothic, I tend to think of the late Medieval era or the Victorian “Gothic revival” era, especially when it relates to the classic horror tales of that age. It’s because of this latter idea that the term Gothic has come to evolve into something that’s equal parts beautiful and terrifying. I can pinpoint this evolution with Neil Gaiman’s Sandman tales in DC Comics and the entire Goth movement that exploded through pop culture’s underground as a direct result. Before Gaiman, there was no such thing as Goth. After Gaiman… works like those found in this book have become indicative of their own genre.

This book is a non-comprehensive overview of the art that has unfolded in the last 20 years or so under this movement. More than that, it’s a celebration of the sacred within the profane, if you can dare to imagine such a concept. Many of the works showcased within are exquisite, sublime examples of modern pop culture, produced in modern media with modern sensibilities for modern audiences. And yet, they still evoke a kind of a timeless wonder for those appreciate a walk on the dark side.

5 stars


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