The Complete Sherlock Holmes: The Heirloom Collection

I grew up on Sherlock Holmes. I have raided these stories countless times over my life, and I’ve compared them endlessly to the pastiches, knock-offs, parodies, and various screen and radio adaptations. This is no small feat, considering that only Dracula rivals the Great Detective in sheer amounts of spin-off material. As a result, I am going to be unabashedly biased here and just say this straight out:

You will not find a better audio version of these works anywhere, and the only competition this collection has is the print equivalent. For a single credit on Audible? This is more than a bargain; it’s a steal.

This is Holmes and Watson, in their original forms, as products of their time and place, unabashedly Victorian and ahead of their time right from the outset, regardless of how many religious groups or racist cults they anger in the process. There is nothing remotely politically correct about them, and in the case of Holmes himself, it would be completely against his abrasive character to be toned down. The result is that you get some screwball historical curiosity mixed in with the otherwise astounding adventures within this collection.

For those well-versed with the classic canon, I did notice that “The Adventure of the Cardboard Box” is posted later, within His Last Bow, rather than within The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. Look up Memoirs on Wiki for the story behind that, but suffice to say, it does mark this collection as an American edition. Seems wrong for something so British, but hey, if this is the worst thing I can say about this collection, that makes me a very happy fanboy. My hardcover leatherbound collection has the same issue, so I kind of expected it. Note to self: fix that someday.

As narrator… I could not ask for better than the great Simon Vance, save for maybe a resurrection of TV’s Jeremy Brett. Even then, it’s a toss-up. Vance is one of my favorite Audible narrators, and I’ve had his voice along for more modern Holmes short story collections. As both Holmes and Watson, he is perfect. He also does an amazing job juggling the other characters and their myriad accents throughout the stories, bringing the tales of the Great Detective to uncanny life. If it were possible for him to play Holmes’ violin during the recording, I half expect he’d try it. As it is, I can almost hear it anyway, such is the quality.

Collections like this will always affirm for me that no matter who tries to modernize them to make them somehow “more relevant,” the truly great stories and characters, especially of this caliber, are beyond reproach and beyond improvement.

5 stars

Sherlock Holmes heirloom

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