Demonology: An Overview by Marilynn Hughes

As with the companion volume on Angelology, this “overview” is less of an overview and more just a compilation of notes, as though the narrator is reading the unorganized journal of some researcher. As scattered and haphazard as it is, there is a lot of interesting things packed inside, much of it delightfully medieval, but beginners will almost assuredly be lost from time to time.

It’s a different narrator than on Angelology, and I’m not sure it’s a better choice. The recording quality is definitely better, and the guy has a better voice, but he loses all credibility with pronunciation. He keeps putting the wrong emPHAsis on the wrong sylLABle, and it borders on the cartoonish at times, as though he were trying to pronounce words using a completely different alphabet. But when he does nail it, he does a decent job, considering the mess he’s working with.

As with the companion book, my initial recommendation stands: people with a background on this subject or enthusiasts will be better suited for this materials than beginners, and in all cases, the print version will probably be better.

3 stars

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