Wonder Woman by George Perez, Omnibus Vol. 1

It’s been 20 years since I fell in love with Wonder Woman via the stories found in this collection. I find that my appreciation of everything George Perez brought to her legacy has only grown in that time.

This collection features the late-80s reboot story following the 1985 multiverse-smashing Crisis On Infinite Earths, for which Perez also did the artwork. 45 years after the character’s creation, this chronicle of Wonder Woman’s reworked origin story and early adventures streamlined and explained everything about that character, giving her a truly unique identity and ensuring her place in history on both sides of the 4th wall. From this point forward, she could no longer be accused of simply being “a female version of Superman.” It is, to my mind, one of the best runs in comics history, and one of the few examples of how to properly reboot a character from the ground up while still honoring all that went before.

This omnibus edition is nothing short of spectacular. The pages are larger and printed on far better quality paper than the original issues. The artwork is beautifully remastered. And being 25 issues, it works out to around $2 an issue, which is a far better value than most comics on the shelves today, and about what they were charging when these stories were new. They’re also far better than what’s on the shelves today, especially in regards to Wonder Woman.

Thank you, George Perez. I know what it meant to you to write and to illustrate these stories. I feel the same thing as I read them.

5 stars


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