SilverFin: Young Bond #1 by Charlie Higson

I’ve been told repeatedly by fellow 007 fans that I needed to read this series.  I’m not really sure why I’d not done this before, but I’m glad I finally picked this one up.  I am truly impressed with it!  The best way to relate it to the Bond we know is to compare it to the TV series The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.  It’s the same kind of thing, where you can see the elements that would turn the kid into the man we know.

And in this case, the man we know is definitely Fleming’s Bond.  The setting is in the early 30s when Germany is only beginning its rise to power, and young Bond is still in school, learning to drive a car, and facing off against the local bullies.  In this case, the local bully’s father happens to be into eugenics.  What are the odds?

There are plenty of nods to both Fleming and to Connery to make this enjoyable without going overboard with it.  And as a bonus, the narration provided by Nathaniel Parker is a first class performance at all turns.  Even when the story isn’t so credible, Parker makes you believe it.

All in all, a solid beginning.  I’m looking forward to more!

4 stars


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