Exploring J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit by Corey Olsen

As with The Hobbit, I’m marking this as finished because, well, I did.  I’m pretty sure I reviewed this before back on Goodreads, which may have transferred, but whatever.  After spending the last 19 weeks with this book, it’s only right I give this one its due.

Professor Olsen has provided an invaluable resource in this book.  Even with the understanding I had going in, even with the multiple times that I’ve read The Hobbit, there are always new levels in Tolkien’s work to discover.  This book provides the road map, the signs, and points out the tourist attractions along the way.  More than that, it became a constant companion.  Bilbo’s journey became my journey this time around, more so than in any other reading.  It was both new and familiar at the same time.  To offer such depth and insight into Tolkien’s world is one of the greatest gifts a fan could ask.  This book does that and more.

5 stars