A Bear Called Paddington by Michael Bond

Blame this one on a bout of nostalgia.  I was going through a box of old books from my childhood, the ones I never quite could let go and managed to hide from my mother when she did a clean sweep so many years ago.  She was prone to do that sort of thing when I was growing up, and it’s made me the pack rat collector I am today.


Among the collection was a 5-book box set of Michael Bond’s Paddington Bear stories.  It sounds corny, perhaps, but this was my introduction to the concept of British culture.  I learned about sovereigns and farthings and Guy Fawkes and all manner of other things I’d never heard of before within those pages.  I laughed myself silly time and again reading those books.

Anyway, after I rediscovered those books a few days ago, I got a wild hair and looked around Audible to see what I could find.  They have 4 Paddington titles at the time of this review, this one being the first.  And today I listened to it.  Would it be as fun as I remember?  After all, it’s been decades.  I was a little kid, and now I’m undeniably in early middle age.  But I did see the movie a couple of years ago and laughed myself silly for all the right reasons, so why not take a little stroll down memory lane?

With the ever-magnificent Stephen Fry as narrator, this book is every bit the silly fun I remember it being.  Maybe I’m channeling my inner 6-year-old.  Maybe I just needed something so undefined that I still can’t figure it out.  Whatever the case, this book hit all the right chords, being new and oh-so-familiar all at the same time.  Maybe you can’t go home again, but there’s no reason you can’t take a little bit of yesteryear with you.  It was an absolute joy to revisit this old friend.  Perhaps it won’t be quite so long until the next visit.

5 stars


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