Great Masters: Beethoven – His Life and Music by Prof. Robert Greenberg

Given enough time to properly unpack a subject, Professor Robert Greenberg proves time and again his music history expertise.  Until now, I’ve only listened to lecture series based around select compositions.  This is the first I’ve listened to revolving around a single composer.

This is a series of eight 45-minute lectures that help to highlight Beethoven’s life and works, not via a linear biography, but rather through a peeling back of the layers of drama that define the maestro.  And because the maestro himself was a dramatic powerhouse of personality, so too a series with Beethoven as the subject must live up.  Rest assured, this does.  What a treat to get Prof. Greenberg’s insights on Beethoven!  No stone is left unturned, no piano is left unsmashed, and no rival contemporary pianist is left undestroyed.  The respect for the material comes across at all points.

As with other musically-related works in the Great Courses series, excerpted audio for the referenced pieces of music are here for the listener to enjoy.

5 stars


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