My Story by Caroline Cossey

Periodically I go through these bouts of loading up my to-read list with related topics on whatever I’m binging on at the moment.  This one’s been on my radar for a while as part of my list of books tangentially related to James Bond.  One of those “because you bought this, you might enjoy that” kind of things.  But it kept getting pushed back for one reason or another, mostly because I’m just easily distracted by a great many things.  This week, however, this title resurfaced in my awareness, and I didn’t even blink.  Something told me to read this book, and so I did.  I went into this knowing a little of this story, but there’s a far cry between knowing a headline or two and getting the facts straight from the source.  So I decided that, even though it’s not necessarily something I’d normally read (do I have a normal?), it was definitely something that could expand my horizons.

To that end,  I’m glad I read this one.  I’ve come out of this with a great deal of respect for Ms. Cossey and her quest simply to be treated as a normal human being with an understanding of her own identity.  When someone stands up to fight the good fight against fear, heartache, betrayal, death threats, and otherwise impossible odds… that’s something I can’t help but admire.  This book isn’t really a manifesto.  You’ll find that in her first book, which this one references and puts into context.  Rather, this is simply a candid telling of what she went through and how she came to embrace who she is on a number of levels.  Definitely recommended if you need a bit of inspiration on the human art of simply learning to carry on.

4 stars


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