Mudras for Beginners: Your Ultimate Beginners Guide to using Simple Hand Gestures for achieving Everlasting Health, Rapid Weight Loss and Easy Self Healing by Advait Edgaonkar

In a classic case of “out of sight, out of mind” (as it is with almost any ebook I get because it’s not staring at me from my bookshelf), I bought this as part of a multi-volume special and summarily forgot I had it.  Now that some measure of peace and quiet has returned to my world for the first time in years, I’ve been taking serious measures to undo the damage.  There is a lot of damage, much of it in areas I wouldn’t have even expected.

I’ve been looking into the healing practices offered by Hinduism and Buddhism, and I’ve been extremely impressed with what I’ve learned so far.  These have been repeatable actions with measurable effects, and still Western science rejects these ideas in favor of drugs.  Money talks, I get it, but thankfully I live in the 21st century where the internet is the greatest wonder of the modern world.  Most of the techniques I’ve learned are simple and surprisingly effective, especially the practice of mantra.  For this reason, I decided to dig a little deeper and learn about mudra.

Admittedly, mudra is a bit more difficult for me, due to the growing onset of arthritis, especially anything dealing with manipulating my ring and pinky fingers on either hand.  Even so, I can’t help but be impressed with this.  You follow the instructions, you set your fingers into the desired positions, and you can feel the energy.  It’s not what I’d call comfortable for me, but after a few days of this, I do find it getting somewhat easier, so that may be a side effect, sort of like with any exercise.  But still… you can feel the Force flowing through you.  Used in conjunction with mantra (you knew I was going to try it)… wow.  This has really opened up my world on a number of levels.  The hardest thing about this for me is the vocabulary, more than anything, since as with mantra, it’s in Sanskrit.  But if you’re willing to wade through it and understand the translations, the rest works itself out.  The instructions are about as monkey-see / monkey-do as you can possibly make them.  IKEA wishes their instructions were this simple.

I am really glad I bought the multi-volume set now.  Each book is cheap enough on its own, but I’m curious about all of it now.  That’s how I roll.

5 stars


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