Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

“Scarlett Johansson performs…”

Admittedly, this is why I pre-ordered this audiobook.  I was impressed with what Anne Hathaway brought to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz last year, so this had me curious.  But in that case, I knew I loved the story too.  In this case, Scarlett is the selling point for me.  Had it not been for Disney, my first experience with this story would probably have been Batman, and in either case, I’ve never been that impressed with it the couple of times I’ve actually read it.  It’s one of those cases where the idea of the story is better than the story itself.  That was years ago.

The thing is, so much time had lapsed between the time I pre-ordered and the time it dropped that I completely forgot about it.  It showed up in my queue last week, and after the heaviness of Rilke, I decided that maybe something lighter would be in order.

I can honestly say that presentation is everything.  I still say that the ideal performers of this would be the cast of Monty Python, and that the book itself works out only at certain points, in certain lines, but not in entire scenes, and certainly not in an entire book.  But it’s still better than average and into the “good” category, making it a 3-star book in my view.  Scarlett’s performance, however, knocks it out of the park.  She puts so much into this that her 5-star presentation brings up the average and actually makes some parts of the book better.  In spite of her rather distinctive voice, there are times where you forget this is a one-woman performance.  Kudos to her.  Certainly worth the Audible credit for that alone, and more than that if you’re predisposed to love this story already.

4 stars


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