The Legend of Wonder Woman #1 by Renae de Liz

I’m a bit behind, but I got my paws on the first two issues of this 9-part mini-series.  I read the first one, and now I have to share.

This is not the Wonder Woman I know.  Not entirely.  For me, the gold standards are George Perez and Greg Rucka, who managed to capture all of the aspects of the character and perfectly get across who she is where most writers simply can’t or don’t.  Renae de Liz has impressed me with this.  The backstory, the way the Amazon culture works… it’s quite a bit different than what I’ve seen in the past, and to be honest, I’m not as enamored with it as the way Perez outlined their society.  But it still works.  It still draws you in, and it’s integral to how this version of Diana will grow and evolve.  It’s a far different dynamic that’s already having an impact on the character.  I’m curious to see how de Liz will put this together.

What I will say that impresses me is this: the reverence for the character ranks right up there with Perez and Rucka.  That comes across.  Renae de Liz clearly has not only a working knowledge of who Wonder Woman is (or used to be before J. Michael Stracynzski and the New 52 undermined everything DC built for her since the Crisis on Infinite Earths back in ’85), but she’s also willing to let the character evolve for the new generation.  There’s a sense of both past and future here.  Given that this is Wondy’s 75th anniversary this year, and given that this fanboy is positively starved for content worthy of the Amazing Amazon, all I can say is…

Thank you.  A thousand times, thank you.

Looking forward to reading issue #2 this evening.

5 stars


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