A History of Horror by Wheeler Winston Dixon

The best way I can describe this is a Wiki-speed digest of horror movies as an international art form.  Mostly it’s exactly what you’d expect, providing a little history behind the scenes, a group of films based on time period, movie studio, director, etc., and a breakdown of the different eras.  This is probably a 4-star book in print, very useful no doubt to people like myself who like a quick reference that also allows them find forgotten treasures.  In audio, it serves as a good overview of the genre, but the limitations are obvious, such as not being able to instantly look up a given movie.  The narrator is also a little cartoonish and has trouble mispronouncing names here and there, but overall he’s serviceable to the project.  Overall, it was an enjoyable book, but I think I need a print reference for my purposes.  Even so, it gave me all kinds of ideas and introduced me to a few things I’ve never encountered.

3 stars


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