The Practice of Practice by Jonathan Harnum

If music is the soul of creation, then it can be argued that learning to play music is the education of life itself.  It’s been a lot of years since I first learned to play an instrument, and now that I’m back at the beginning again, stumbling across the book turned out to be one of best things to happen to me.  It turns out that, as a side effect, many of the lessons in this book can also directly relate to living a quality life.  It’s not something the author discusses, just something I put together myself.

This book has to be experienced.  Not only are the stories interesting and the tips instantly usable, but the audio version will direct you back to the website for the book for examples, explanations, and even more information.  You can find that website here.  I highly recommend it, just on account.

This book hit “favorite” status with me in short order.  It’s short, but it’s crammed to overflowing with the keys to greatness.  The message is simple: genius is practiced.  Learning how to practice can make a world of difference, and the more enthusiasm you bring, the better.  This is probably going to be one that I revisit periodically just due to the sheer wealth of ideas.

5 stars


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