Chambers History Factfinder by Editors of Chambers

It’s incredibly difficult to catalog and cross-reference the complete outline of world history.  Let’s face it, that’s just too much for any book to handle.  But all things considered, this little book does a fairly decent job of it, and it does it in a way that’s not remotely daunting.  It’s organized by section.  The largest section is by chronology of world events, as you might expect.  But also covers thematic timelines and history lists.  For example, if you wanted a list of rulers, presidents, or other head officials by country, it’s here.  Need a quick list of historical wars?  Done.  How about a list of history’s notable female warriors?  Yes indeed!  A timeline of the Hundred Years War or the Vietnam conflict?  Check.  Scientists, inventors, discoveries, famous people who are left-handed… yes, yes, and yes.  It’s just one of those handy collections of curiosities that provides a good starting point for pretty much any aspect of historical research.  And when you’re bored, it’s one of those great little books that you pull off the shelf, open at random, and learn something new just on account.

5 stars


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