The Essential Batman Encyclopedia by Robert Greenberger

As with the Wonder Woman and Superman versions of this book, this is one I keep as a reference, so I’m reviewing it just because such books tend not to get a lot of love otherwise.  I’m sure it’s no surprise I have the Batman tome in this set.

As with the others, this is published in 2010 just as DC stopped treating their characters with respect and began rebooting everything to be “darker and edgier” and other such meaningless buzzwords in an attempt to drive sales.

This book covers the Batman, and within its pages rests the history and legacy of the character repeatedly voted as both the greatest character of the 20th century and the most popular character of all time.  Obviously opinions will vary, but all things considered, I’d say he’s done pretty well over the decades, wouldn’t you?  Not bad for a character that began as a mere knock-off of The Shadow, and certainly he’s inspired more than a few dozen more knock-offs himself.  (Looking at you, Green Arrow.)

At any rate, everything you ever wanted to know about the Caped Crusader is here, including the things you only thought you knew.  As with the other two books in this set, it’s recommended for those fans who want to explore more and have no idea where to begin as well as for those who already have an established foothold in the mythos of Gotham City.

5 stars


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