The Essential Superman Encyclopedia by Robert Greenberger and Martin Pasko

As with the Wonder Woman and Batman companion books, this book was published in 2010, the year J. Michael Strazcynski took over writing for the Man of Steel, turned him into something he wasn’t, and walked away mid-arc, leaving cleanup for whomever followed behind him.  DC rebooted everything after that with the New 52, and Superman became a lot less super.  More importantly, he was a lot less of a man.  And this is how he remains today.  And so as with the WW version of this book, this tome is in essence a DC character wiki for all things Big Blue, compiled by someone who understands what Superman is and has been in his decades of evolution.

You can find characters, concepts, alternate versions, legacies… pretty much everything you can name and then a lot more, all within these pages.  As it says across the top of the cover, it’s “The Last Word on the First Name in Super Heroes.”  Given how DC’s treated their flagship creation, it really is.  Recommended for all fans of the Man of Steel from newbie to expert.

5 stars


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