The Illustrated World Encyclopedia of Knives, Swords, Spears & Daggers by Harvey J.S. Withers & Tobias Capwell

This is another one of those reference books that gets no cover-to-cover read, and so it’s one that wouldn’t otherwise get a review unless I pressed the issue.  And so here’s that review.

Let’s just call this book for what it is: blade porn.  There’s not a lot of detail in the text, but it’s a great quick reference with LOTS of pretty pictures.  The basics are here, covering era / time period, region / nation, general usage, and some brief detail about what differentiates a given blade from the rest of them in this book.  Brief overviews of a given historical era or soldier type are also offered.  For example, you can find a quick entry on the Greek hoplite or the Japanese samurai so as to put their weapons into context.

Some might think of this book as a good starting point to learn more about blades of all types. I think of it as my holiday wish list.  :P

5 stars


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