Tudors: The History of England from Henry VIII to Elizabeth I by Peter Ackroyd

Just as the title claims, this covers the era of England’s Nero and his progeny.  It’s certainly not my first go-round with an overview of this era, and while I noticed a couple of authorial decisions that I would question, on the whole it’s an incredibly thorough book.  As with the previous volume, I found myself taking notes as to which points I wanted to dig into further.  Looking forward to the next volume as that covers the era I’m less familiar with, but I’m inspired to hang around the Tudor era for awhile before moving on.  That tends to happen quite a bit.  So many strong personalities to explore, so many intriguing concepts to consider.

I should knock off a star for the narrator’s cartoonishly bad cadence, but love for the material overruled that.  Or I’m getting used to him.  Maybe both.

5 stars