The Era of the Crusades (The Great Courses) by Prof. Kenneth W. Harl

Yet another fantastic lecture series offered by The Great Courses, available on Audible.  Prof. Harl’s insights really make this series stand apart from a great many histories on the Crusades.  The average listener might find that he sometimes goes off into left field on a topic here and there during his explanations, and he can be a little difficult to keep up with when he does that, but he always brings it back around and makes the original point hit home.

I don’t know that I’d recommend this series for beginners, unless you’re determined to really learn the subject.  It’s a fantastic overview, but there’s more depth and breadth than a beginner might realize.  Even so, if you take it slow, it would serve as an excellent foundation for understanding this time period.  There’s almost nothing about it that’s straightforward, and Prof. Harl does a great job guiding the listener through it all.  In conjunction with other audios on the Middle Ages offered by The Great Courses, it would serve even better.  The catalog on this subject is rather large and growing all the time.

5 stars


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