Unstoppable: Harnessing Science to Change the World by Bill Nye

There is nothing I admire more than the kind of can-do optimism — backed by science — that allows the seemingly impossible to become not only possible, but probable.  It’s the kind of thinking that allows innovation to pave the way to a brighter future — Star Trek, as opposed to Blade Runner or The Terminator.

Bill Nye tackles climate change here, and he does so not only with this can-do attitude, but he does it armed with science that gets explained so that virtually anyone with a middle-school education can at least make sense of it.  Those with high school or college level educations can help to build on what he’s offering.

Most of what’s in here will not account for corporate greed or the nature of man or other negative aspects of the human condition.  That’s part of what makes it a challenge.  But if you listen carefully, there are ways around these things, including the idea that new technologies open new markets.  Ultimately, the idea is to challenge us to work against one another towards a common goal of leaving the world better than we found it, which would improve our own way of life in the process.  For all those that think America has lost its edge… Bill Nye has just handed you the whet stone to sharpen her up again.  Any one person can make little changes, and these add up.  Any nation that makes lots of little changes will have a greater impact.  If the world gets behind this… too much to hope for?  I don’t think so.

This was truly an enjoyable read, and to have Nye narrate it himself with equal enthusiasm is just incredible.  Bravo.

5 stars


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