100 Best-Loved Poems (Dover Thrift Editions)

I’ve remarked in the past that I struggle with poetry.  With my relatively recent and growing interest in Chaucer and Shakespeare as well as my love of the Romantic era poets, I thought I’d try to expand my horizons.  This Kindle ebook was an inexpensive means to an end.  I took my sweet time with it, picking away at a poem or three whenever the mood struck, trying to get more out of the experience than what I got back in school.  I won’t say I was entirely successful, but I’m making headway.

The selections in this book are probably more or less what you’d expect, drawn from English and American authors, and presented more or less chronologically.  I’m not entirely sure who decided these were the best-loved poems.  Perhaps they were simply selected from among all of the best-loved poems.  I don’t know.  I suppose it’s arbitrary.

Some of these poems are forever beyond my grasp, I fear, and some poets are simply too pretentious for me to enjoy (Iooking at you, e e cummings).  Others were welcome surprises and lent themselves to my overall appreciation.  It seems I’ve especially reignited my appreciation for Poe, whom I’ve not read in a long while.

4 stars


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