Terrariums: Gardens Under Glass: Designing, Creating, and Planting Modern Indoor Gardens by Maria Colletti

A while back I got a notion to challenge myself to do something that, historically speaking, I’ve been proven bad at doing.  In this case, gardening.  Not really one to enjoy the great outdoors, especially being in the sweltering Texas heat or having to listen to obnoxious neighbors, I thought the indoor approach best.  Terrariums seemed to be the ideal solution, allowing me to create a moderately self-sustaining ecosystem while providing some natural beauty to my home.

But I needed a place to start.  This book put me on the path.  The final 35% of it is resources, glossary, and index, but everything in front of that gives you the basics of how to assemble, arrange, and care for these miniature gardens.  It looks daunting at first, especially if you’re a complete novice like myself, but this book is monkey-see / monkey-do and covers a good variety of plants and designs.  I won’t say the book is a lot of fun, but the process of putting one of these together was easier than I thought and well worth it.

4 stars