The 72 Angels of Magick by Damon Brand

Another book on angel magick (with a k!) that I busted through last night.  I suppose these are good for dealing with insomnia.  As with the other one I read last night, I’m not really certain why I read it in the first place other than morbid curiosity.

If you have any kind of interest in Angelology whatsoever, you quickly stumble upon the sigils and rituals that are pretty much emulations of the Lesser Keys of Solomon.  If this sort of thing is what you’re looking for, this one’s actually pretty well done.  The cornerstones from ancient Hebrew are in place, which I can tell you already colors a preconceived context for beings that are considered otherwise “non-denominational.”  Even so, that’s where the lore points to as a starting place, so that’s where books like this place their foundations.  Rather than using Hebrew scripts as the sole source of funny power writing, it also relies on the even more esoteric Angelic script.  I could go into a lot of details on the whys and hows and my own thoughts on what contradicts, but that’s really not the stuff of book reviews.  I’ll simply say that if you’re looking for something “super-complex-made-easy,” then you’ve found a winner with this one.  It’s got all the abracadabra you could want, with the explanations well and truly in place.  Heck, this one operates around a Master Ritual, and then Appendix A is The Master Ritual Simplified.  That right there tells you most of what you need to know.

I’d say this book is likely targeted for the New Agey type who has outgrown the New Age basics and is looking to get into Higher Magick (with a k!).  Same exact thing, different coat of paint, more complexity (assuming you don’t use the Master Ritual Simplified cheat).  In the end, it comes down to two ideas: will and spirit of intent.  Any higher being is going to see right past this sort of thing.  Maybe they’re amused by it.  I have no idea.  All I have to go on is the multitude of research I’ve done and my own personal experiences that had absolutely zero to do with any of that research.  Regardless, I’m sure a book like this will dazzle a newbie.  I was pretty dazzled, and I’ve been immersed in this stuff for years.

As with any book of this kind, I offer my experience here.  It’s great for show, and if you think you need this sort of thing as a crutch or a set of training wheels, I’d encourage you to ask yourself why it needs to be so hard.  The answers may surprise you.

3 stars


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