The Angels of Love by Zanna Blaise

I honestly can’t tell you why I read this one, especially these days.  I expected some New Age hokey, that’s what I got, and I was entertained for what it was.  It wasn’t a complete loss otherwise though.  Some of the building blocks behind this were surprisingly dead-on with my far deeper studies into Angelology.  Books like this won’t add anything of worth.  I could see the appeal for those looking to dip their toes into such ideas as a beginner.  As far as such things go, this one’s about as harmless as it comes.  A little tip for beginners: rituals are a bit pointless when it comes to angels unless you need all of the hocus pocus to achieve the proper mindset, but any higher entity is going to see right past it.  I swear the more of these kinds of books I see, the more and more they kind of run together.  As I think about it on this review, that’s why I dropped my rating from the 3 stars of “this was fun” to the 2 stars of “average, just average, really average.”

2 stars


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