Taboogasm by Gregor Xane

Before I get going on this, I want to thank the author for the book.  I was one of two winners in a drawing, which only makes it seem that much more weird to read about a guy who constantly wins the lottery.  I wonder if that was part of Gregor’s master plan or just a side effect of being in the world he inhabits.

The thing about this review is that I honestly don’t know how much I can reveal about the book’s plot without breaking the surprise of its journey.  It’s sort of a domino effect where one surprise leads to the next and so on through to the final pages.  I don’t want to rob anyone who wishes to read this of that experience.  Believe me, it has to be experienced.

I read this today in one sitting, coming directly from a Shakespeare play.  I’m not going to compare Gregor Xane to William Shakespeare.  Nobody these days gets a fair comparison to Shakespeare, not even Shakespeare.  Where I’m going with this is in saying that after reading Shakespeare, I try to read something as infinitely different as possible as a sort of literary reset.  Mission accomplished, because I can honestly say there’s virtually nothing else like this that I’m aware of, except, perhaps, more works by Gregor Xane.  The closest I can come to describing this is to say that I’ve read more than my fair share of “man card” books from the likes of Ian Fleming and plenty of different kinds of weirdness from Douglas Adams or Clive Barker.  That doesn’t begin to describe what’s in here, but if I had to triangulate the experience at gunpoint, it’s somewhere between what you might expect from those three authors.  It’s graphic, it’s vile, and it’s endlessly clever to the point that some of the imagery will have to be clawed or bleached from your brain.  Good luck with that, because you’re on your own.  I think the meat room was near my upper threshold just because of how much I like a good steak, but as sick as it was, I kept laughing too.  Sometimes the only sane response to an insane experience is insanity itself.

Brain gouging aside, this was a lot of fun for all the wrong reasons and more than few right ones.  Definitely not for the prudish or for those who like to keep things light and clean.  I will also say that it kept me guessing.  Just when I thought I had it figured out, there was another twist.  Just when I thought the whole thing had gone off the rails, it circled back and picked up where it left off.  I’m not sure how he did it.  I’m not even sure I want to know.  All I know is I was thoroughly entertained.  Well done, my friend.  Well done.

4 stars


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