Progress Report

I feel like I’m making some real progress on this site when it comes to the themed project blog posts.  Transferring posts over from Booklikes is still a tedious chore, but my day job is every bit as mind-numbing, and nowhere near as satisfying an accomplishment.  Which is to say I’m more than used to the drudgery, and I feel better about having to do this because there’s a point to it.  I feel the progress here.

As of now, essentially every topic has at least a couple of posts now, with the exception of Art Gallery and The Power of the Force.  Seems wrong, but I haven’t yet written anything up for those.  I’ll get there sooner or later.  If you’re following me through WordPress’ reader, you won’t see these entries unless you scroll back a while because everything’s backdated to the original Booklikes post date.  Again, apologies to those of you following via email for the onslaught of Tolkien posts because you didn’t get off so lucky.  I am caught up on that, so you’ll only see those once a week now, per regular schedule.

I’ve still got miles to go.  After I get the project blogs transferred, there are book reviews to consider.  When I bailed on Goodreads, I transferred over all of those reviews to Booklikes.  Being honest, I don’t think I’ll transfer over all of them, though I may change my mind.  It’ll certainly be slower going than it is right now.  Right now there’s a sense of urgency because I want to be done with the project blogs backlog so I can move forward on all of those.  Even so, I’m trying to strike a balance on how many I move everyday.  Hopefully it’s not enough to where people are shaking their fists at me.  After all, the last thing I want is for anyone to regret signing up.

I was toying with the idea of opening up a section for my own artwork and photography.  Thing is, I’m cognizant of the fact that WordPress has only allotted me 3 Gb of storage for everything.  The need may come that, if I go down that road, I may need to sign up for a separate pic hosting service.  I’ll put this idea squarely in the category of “someday.”

At some point down the line when things have settled down, I may open up another section or two for discussing Medieval topics (such as swordfighting) and/or spirituality (of no particular denomination or category).  I’m still trying to decide how I want to go about this.  I’d appreciate any suggestions on this, or on anything else, if anyone has anything to offer.

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