Becoming a Great Essayist by Professor Jennifer Cognard-Black (The Great Courses)

With the construction of a new website comes the desire to step up my writing game.  When in doubt, I like to start with ever-reliable offerings from The Great Courses.

This is one of those series where I find I’m grateful for the accompanying PDF course outline.  Prof. Cognard-Black utilizes a great many examples in her lectures, and without that backup material, I’d find myself taking far too many notes, listening less, and ultimately wasting my time.  This was certainly not the case, however.  Instead, I’ve found a helpful guide to so many different styles of writing essays that I’d like to further explore.  While excerpts of examples were read during the lectures, I would love to read the entire work in many cases, both as a learning tool and simply for the sake of having read it.

In terms of direct application, only time will tell how effective this series will be.  Ultimately it will be a matter of writing, refining, and evolving on a personal level.  As one who feels the need to write simply to figure out what I think sometimes, I think this series has given me a few new tools in the box to explore.  Overall, time well spent with this title.

5 stars

TGC - Becoming a Great Essayist

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