Catching Up

Think of this entry as an info dump so you know what’s going on in my world.

It’s been brought to my attention that as I transfer over my reviews to this site, I’ve forgotten to put the star rating, and it seems that it’s been missed.  Accordingly, I’ve gone through and edited every single book and movie review that’s here so far with a star rating reflected at the end of each review.  Going forward, I’ll continue to do so.  Hope that helps.  Constructive feedback is always welcome.

I’ve got too many books in the works right now, which is always the case.  My buddy read of the Ian Fleming 007 novels is taking a small detour.  We’ve decided that, having recently finished Goldfinger, we’re going to cut in with last year’s Trigger Mortis by Anthony Horowitz, which picks up where Goldfinger leaves off.  As with the Flemings, I’ve read this one before, and I remember thinking how incredibly close to Fleming’s style it was while updating it for a modern audience at the same time.  It’s an interesting tightrope to walk.  I’ve begun it again this morning for the buddy read, and so far my second opinion matches my original thoughts.  Good stuff.

The City of Dallas code inspector came out to my house yesterday to sign off on the repairs and updates to the replaced hot water heater that exploded over Labor Day weekend.  I took the day off work yesterday to handle this, and the day started with my shower head popping off and hitting me in the face, followed by the confirmation that the code inspector would be out the next day.  After some cajoling on both fronts, the shower fix being the easier of the two, all was right in the world again.  The inspector showed up, aimed his flashlight into the closet for 3 seconds, signed off, and left.  Just that easy.  For this I spent a full day’s PTO.  And I’m once more up to my eyeballs in repair debt.  I had that monkey off my back for all of a month.  %$#@!  But when I have free time like that and no money to spend, that’s when I reach for my continuing projects.  Keeps me off the streets and out of trouble.

My ongoing research into the Medieval world has circled back around to the most famous person of the era: Joan of Arc.  She’s a favorite topic of mine, endlessly fascinating, and I realized yesterday that she’s become the single most researched person in my lexicon.  Perhaps only the Tudors compare in terms of the level of digging I’ve put in, and while that revolves largely around Henry VIII, there are a lot people to keep up with there that contribute to the whole.  Joan stands pretty much in my research as she did against the world and her judges: alone and magnificent in her splendor.  I should do a blog post on her in the near future, I think.

That’s the news on this end.  How’s it going in your world?

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