It’s All Fun and Games Until the GM Smiles

It seems like now that I have this new site so that I can blog to my heart’s content, I’m doing a lot less blogging.  At least, it certainly seems that way.  These things go in cycles.

This week has been a bit hectic, but in a good way.  My favorite pastime is a tabletop RPG, complete with penciled character sheets, dice, and all the caffeine that can be acquired, coffee being my personal choice (but I take whatever’s on hand).  I’d like to say that what I run is old school Dungeons & Dragons, but if I’m being honest, we left the system far behind years ago due to limitations.  I won’t get into details; they’re too messy for me to want to explain here, what with omniversal options and deity-level magic at work.

I’ve been running campaigns since 1987, and there are characters that have been in near-constant play since as early as 1988.  Or rather, they were.  I’ve been planning all week on a multiversal, cataclysm level game.  It happened yesterday.  Many beloved PCs and NPCs lost their lives, and none of the survivors were untouched by the event.  This is something that had been discussed for a while now, and it was agreed that there needed to be a shakeup of some kind.  From the ashes of the old, new possibilities can arise.  New heroes, new foes, new worlds… potentially exciting stuff.  The nice thing about it is that it keeps my mind focused largely on one thing for a while.  I never allow such opportunities to go unappreciated.

And yet, I feel like I’ve lost some really good friends.  Not the players… the characters.  It’s difficult to say goodbye to some of them after two or three decades.  At least I can say I gave them a send off that will be remembered.  In the moment, it was a lot of fun.  In the aftermath, things seem a bit hollow, but that’s how you know these were great characters with great stories.  Work has already begun on sifting through the rubble.  Glasses will be raised in tribute to the fallen.  Meanwhile, power vacuums must be filled, and vengeances must be planned.  All in a day’s work for a world builder.


4 thoughts on “It’s All Fun and Games Until the GM Smiles

  1. I’ve always been super curious about tabletop RPG but me and my boyfriend don’t happen to know anyone who actually play this. I mean, around us.
    So the other day we found this website called roll20 (don’t know if you ever heard of it?) and basically it gives you some tools to allow you to play online with other players. We ended up finding a group that welcomed newbies and are now on a pathfinder campaign. Obviously we are totally newbies and I still don’t understand much. For someone who is pretty much an RPG video-game addict, it’s weird that I found a traditional tabletop so hard to follow haha. Oh well anyways, cool stuff:) And keep the great work with the blog.

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    • I’ve not heard of that site, no. Very interesting – I will have to check into this. As you’re no doubt discovering, there’s a big difference between video games and tabletop. Awesome that you’re diving in and having fun with it! And much appreciated, thanks!

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