The Lord of the Rings – Book 4, Chapter 6: “The Forbidden Pool”

There’s no rest for the weary.  Frodo isn’t allowed to sleep long.  Faramir awakens him just as the dawn is breaking and seeks advice on a matter right away.  He leads Frodo to a cliff by the river, and Sam follows, curious.  As beautiful as the spot is, it’s not the reason for their arousal.  When Faramir points to a small creature moving in the water, he asks Frodo to identify it.  Frodo recognizes Gollum and begs for Faramir’s men not to kill the creature.

Upon inquiry, Frodo confirms that Gollum knows of the burden and that he once carried it for a time.  Gollum just wants fish, but death is still the punishment for trespassing in the kingdom.  Frodo is allowed to go down to speak to Gollum, eventually persuading him to follow.  Captured by Faramir’s men, Gollum feels betrayed and spits on Frodo.

Under interrogation, Gollum admits that he’s never been in this area before, and Faramir reluctantly agrees to allow Gollum to live so long as he’s considered Frodo’s servant.  Trust isn’t there, however, and Faramir is curious to know how the Ring got to Gollum’s possession in the first place.  When all cards are on the table, Faramir wonders how Gollum can know so much about the lands of Mordor and warns Frodo not to go to Cirith Ungol.  Sound advice, surely, if not for the quest to save Middle-Earth.

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