Looking Ahead

After yesterday’s shakeup and the looming cloud of uncertainty and/or futility (re: DOOM) that most people I know seem to be expressing, I spent last night doing some more soul searching.  Maybe I do this sort of thing too much.  Maybe that’s what keeps me stuck.  That, and the fear that I really don’t know what I’m doing, so going forward seems like some kind of a hat trick that’s beyond my grasp.  So I asked myself: where do I go from here?  What can I do to inspire myself and possibly others?  When you send out a question, sometimes the answer has a way of finding you.

I stumbled across a bit of inspiration this morning from a source I both trust and admire that you may or may not have seen.  I thought I’d share this video for all those who need some creative resuscitation.

Thank you for this, Mr. Gaiman.  Every single part of this message is exactly what I needed this morning.

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