Post-Thanksgiving Recovery

Thanksgiving started off pretty good, but it quickly degenerated into an unmitigated disaster.  Every family has some level of dysfunction to it, but the fact that I can see the cycle perpetuating itself makes me angry and tired, as much at myself as with any other factor.  One thing about it, it’s far easier to ignore the slings and arrows through email than it is to tolerate such things in person.  Makes me very glad we don’t deal with any extended family.  For those of you here in the States who celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope yours turned out better than mine.  I’m mostly just thankful it’s over and didn’t end in bloodshed.

Speaking of which… thanks to a social media platform called NextDoor, I learned that there were shootings in my neighborhood and a police standoff while I was away that went unreported by the news.  I can’t say I’m surprised by that, but I was surprised by the fact that, according to the police scanner (I have an app for that on my phone), there were only two officers on duty in the area.  At some point, Dad asked my sister if she wanted a gun for Christmas.  I’m even more surprised by the fact that upon returning home, I found the neighborhood far more peaceful than I would have guessed.

On the way back home, I stopped at the Czech Stop Bakery, as per usual.  This place has the absolute best kolaches outside of the old country, bar none.  There’s not an exaggeration here.  There’s always a line, day or night, and it’s almost always quicker than you think to get through it.  While waiting in line, my eye often wanders over their wall that’s covered by autographed photos of various people who’ve stopped in over the years.  This time around, one of the photos popped out to me, and I ended up doing a little digging when I got home.  So glad I did, because I discovered a new band!  Which is to say, they’re new to me.  They’ve got a handful of albums out there already, all of which I will acquire in short order after I’m done affording Christmas presents.  Random, I know, but this is kind of how I operate since I don’t bother with all of the other big social media platforms.  This band in question, Kim Lenz & the Jaguars, plays rockabilly.  They’re good.  They’re very good.  I’ve been listening to their music off and on all weekend, and it’s about as old school as you could want.  They’re following the tradition of Elvis Presley and all of the other Sun Records greats, and I dare say they’re doing it right!

I spent Saturday largely vegetating.  I did a little reading, listened to some music, and at some point I got sucked into some old episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation.  I picked up in season 5 with the two-part Spock episode “Unification” and it’s just sort of gone from there.  It’s been forever since I’ve seen these.

Today has already been productive.  Having managed to kill the infestation of slugs that killed the plants in my terrarium and having finally eliminated the white mold that grew across the top of the soil as a result of the slug bait (seriously, how does that happen?!), I cleaned it out completely last night, and this morning started from scratch.  Larger river rocks this time, plus a thicker layer of charcoal and moss, and a thicker layer of soil.  Should help to better aerate the system and keep the water more evenly distributed.  Instead of transplanting like last time (which is certainly where the slugs came from), I’m starting from seed.  These things are so tiny that I have no real idea where they actually landed in the soil.  As sparingly as I went, I probably still put in too many.  Time will tell.  Story goes, if I screwed that up, I have plenty more seeds where that came from.  I need perhaps 12, and they put around 5,000 in the little packet.  The rest is one part trial and error and one part patience.

This afternoon I’ll be heading to the Dallas Symphony for the last time until after the holidays.  The concert today is Verdi and Puccini.  Looks like they threw in a sampling of Respighi right at the end too just because they could, and I’m perfectly fine with that.  I’ll post about it as always, probably tomorrow morning.  This evening will likely be spent soaking up the last few hours of relaxation as the long holiday weekend comes to a close.

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