Tickets and Booklikes

Last night, tickets for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story went on sale.  I have two sets of reserved seats secured, one for the evening of 12/15, the other for the next morning.  Very pleased by this.  These aren’t the only tickets I’m looking forward to.  This coming Friday, I’ll be at the Majestic Theater seeing Monty Python’s John Cleese and Eric Idle on stage, and in January the DSO will be performing Beethoven’s 8th.  And once I get a little more money in my pocketses, tickets for Scarborough Renaissance Festival are already on sale, and I will absolutely have those.  Soon.  Never soon enough, but soon.

On another front, I’m shaking my fist like a defeated moustache-twirling supervillain yet again at Booklikes.  The owners of the site are dealing with all manner of personal problems, and the “team” they’ve put in charge of this site seems to be one person with zero communications skills and no interest in actually keeping the site afloat.  Weekends are especially bad.  Text windows may or may not show up when you try to post, it takes forever to navigate the site, and heaven forbid you should actually want to comment to another post.  In short, my social interaction there is minimal, and my patience with the site is pretty close to that at this point.  My biggest pet peeve in life is stupidity, and this site has been circling the abyss of stupidity for months now.  I feel stupid for putting up with it, and that’s just a recipe channeling the Dark Side.  If I were a more suspicious man, I might swear that whomever is running the site actually throttles or breaks it on the weekends specifically so they don’t have to monitor or fix anything.  I only suggest that because it always seems to spring back to life on Mondays.  It might be the one thing in the world that does, which pretty much bills it as unnatural and evil.

At any rate, all that back there is to say that  I’m locking down a potential end to my participation on Booklikes, possibly sometime before the new year begins.  I’ve had enough of the site’s technical inadequacies.

I’ve decided I’ve imported all of the posts from over there to this site that I care to.  Anything else is stuff that either I’ll read and review again at some point or stuff that’s better left forgotten and buried.

Of the many friends I have over there, many have already moved on and/or haven’t posted in forever, thus not really being in my circle of friends anymore.  Of those who remain, I’m now following some of their other blog sites right here on WordPress’ Reader or, where that doesn’t seem to be working, through email subscription.  I’m systematically making sure that everyone I need / want to keep up with will be kept up with on the blog front.  Some people are worth reading.

That leaves only the social interaction aspect.  When the time comes, those who don’t have other blogs for me to follow will still have the option of email.  I’m always curious to see who — if anyone — will actually correspond old school.  Some do, most don’t.  Social media has us spoiled.  After all, when did email become “old school” correspondence?  Related, I’ve got a couple of discussion group reads going over at BL that might be a little more difficult, if not improbable, to work without the benefit of that group thread.  I’ll still post here, but that doesn’t promote a lot of discussion with others.  The rest is almost a non-issue since BL’s comments take forever to use anyway.  I’ll give it a think on this end before I formally open that can of worms on BL.  If you’re reading this and happen to be one of my BL discussion groupies… well, I guess you have a peek behind the curtain.  When the time comes, I’ll open the floor to suggestions on that front.  For now, one step at a time.  Booklikes was wonderful when I first discovered it.  I’ve met some great people there, far exceeding my experience over any other social media platform I’ve used.  But that was the difference… the people cared.  For a while there, the community was able to promote positive changes and feel like we were a part of something worthwhile.  I’ll hold on to contact with as many of those friends as I can.  The BL site itself just isn’t worth it anymore.

4 thoughts on “Tickets and Booklikes

  1. I haven’t decided what I am going to do about my blog on Booklikes. I’m almost too attached to the library system there, but am not sure I’d have any followers if I went to a personal blog like one here on WordPress. I don’t always have a lot to say, unless it is book related or crafting related.

    At least I am following you here, so I can keep up with your posts! Hubby is very jealous of your plans on Friday, and I can’t wait to hear what you think of Rogue One!

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  2. As one of your “groupies”, we need to figure out how to do the Bond Buddy Read if you do decide to call it quits or if BL does become unusable….. I reckon we can do it over here since the three of us are on WP, but it may need some coordination.
    At this point, I totally understand why people want to leave and I won’t even try and persuade anyone otherwise. The site is just too painful to work with right now.

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