Broken Angel

In my carelessness, I lost footing in my library this morning and knocked over a small corner shelf of knick-knacks.  I had rearranged some things in there, and the large garden angel that’s in the lower right of this photo had been moved to the top of that shelf a couple of weeks ago so that her feet were about at my eye level.


She shattered when she hit the floor.  She was the centerpiece of my angel collection, which is why I raised her to such a position of prominence.  Now she’s merely bits of plastic.  One more casualty of 2016.

The logical part of myself tells me not to read into this.

8 thoughts on “Broken Angel

  1. Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. They may say “it’s only things and you can’t take them with you when you go, anyway” — but to lose a treasured item like this *is* a sad event. And, yes, better not think about the symbolism as far as this year goes …

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  2. Well, that stinks. I know how attached we can become to our “things”. I spent yesterday hanging collectible plates that belonged to my mom in my kitchen, sure I was going to break one of them but have made it through that OK so far. Sorry for your loss.

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