Booklikes Reviews Transfer: Complete

I’ve finished transferring over all of the reviews from my soon-to-be-defunct Booklikes account!

The next project is that I’ll slowly move over some of the older ones from my Audible account.  I’ll get there eventually, but don’t expect the onslaught for that since there’s absolute no rush.

Thanks again for your patience.

4 thoughts on “Booklikes Reviews Transfer: Complete

      • I will let you know if/when I move. I am still mulling over the plan, but I am pretty sure that I am also pulling the plug on BL on 1/1/17. It just doesn’t make sense to expend a ton of energy on what is clearly a sinking ship.

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        • I hear you. I really wish it were otherwise, but we’ve done superhuman amounts of attention getting. They clearly don’t care. At least some of us can keep in contact. I appreciate being kept in the loop.


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