Found a Couple More…

Sorry to do this… I found five more reviews on Booklikes that need to be transferred.  I swear BL has done its very best to hide these things from me.  But I’m persistent.  I promise these five are the last ones from this site.  I promise!

17 thoughts on “Found a Couple More…

    • Appreciated! You’ll have to dig into the archives to find the backdated ones. The only ones that show up in the feed are ones I forget to change the date on before I publish. But then I realize I did it and change it anyway. lol. Not sure why it stays in the feed when I do that, but whatever.

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      • Yes, I noticed that, too — and they also make their way over to Facebook, even if you change the date *before* you submit. Seems as far as the feed(s) is / are concerned, all that matters is when the post was actually submitted, not under what time stamp it’ll be sorted in your blog once it’s out there.

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        • They’re on Facebook? Wait, I don’t have Facebook, so I don’t need to worry about that. Still, that’s just odd. On WP, if the backdate is listed at post, it doesn’t show in the feed. You’d think FB would work accordingly.

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                  • I have a lot of friends (mostly, from when I was living in the States, though some were also penfriends of mine when I was still in high school) who are on FB and nowhere else. And since few of us still have the time and leisure to write honest-to-God letters — and anyway, social media are so much quicker and more instantaneous — FB is the only way to go for me if I don’t want to lose touch with them. I’m not there every day, either, though.

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                    • I don’t think it ever was. That was the hook that allowed the wanna-be Sith Lord to ensnare the world’s information. Zuckerburg’s only defense is that nobody put a gun to anyone’s head to get them to sign up. It’s insidious.

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                    • Well, he may not be feeling any rough winds for it in the U.S., but he’s already learning that we do things differently in Europe … data security and privacy rights matter here. A LOT. And since FB has, so far, exhibited a shoddy track record on enforcing / following through with the voluntary data protection agreements they signed with various European governments, they’ll be taken to task by force sooner or later if they don’t mend their ways double quick. (It also doesn’t help that FB is more and more coming to be seen as a platform for all sorts of abuses of the right of free speech — including abuses that are penalized here. And providing a platform for such abuses makes you liable to criminal prosecution for aiding and abetting … not to mention all sorts of administrative crackdowns). If Mr. Zuckerberg is unsure just what’s in store for him, he may want to double check with the CEOs of anyone from a bunch of European internet platforms and newspapers that run “comments” sections on their websites to the likes of Microsoft and Amazon … they’ve all had to learn the hard way just HOW differently we do things in Europe.

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                    • Sounds like an example that needs to be set over here. It amazes me that it gets uncovered just how invasive things are at the government and corporate levels, and the only response is people took to Facebook to gripe about it. Oh, irony… how I miss you some days. :P But yeah, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, and Twitter are the four most invasive platforms, as I saw for myself trying to defend against hackers on my last WP website. Somebody needs to slap all of them down. If all of Europe can do it, then I’m firmly in Team Europe on this one.

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                    • That’s the nature of the great social experiment. Some countries need to be learned from for how they do things, some from how not to do things. For me, I think it’s a bit of column A and column B across the board for every country. No one way to eat a Reese’s and all that.

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