Lingering Doubts, Be Gone!

I had some problems posting to Booklikes this morning, just a status update of what I’ve achieved over here.  I ended up having to fight the website, so much so that any lingering doubt I may have had about pulling the plug is behind me.

Admittedly, some of my guilt surrounded my Tolkien quest.  Having started The Return of the King a few short weeks ago, I thought “Hey, we’re getting close to the end on The Lord of the Rings!”  It made me think, for the briefest blink-and-you-miss-it candle-flame of an instant, that maybe I should hold out on Booklikes until I finished LOTR.  You know, clean break with a stopping spot.  I didn’t take into account the Appendices.  I counted those up this evening, and altogether I’ve got 26 more posts for LOTR.  That’s 6 months worth!  Yeah, I’m definitely not assuming Booklikes would be functional by then, not at the current rate of disintegration.

But ’nuff about that.  Better, happier things lie ahead.  Including, apparently, six more months of digging deep into my favorite book.

4 thoughts on “Lingering Doubts, Be Gone!

  1. Yeah, I should catch some sleep but I’ve started moving my Greene-land posts and they are currently loading on BL…

    Moving to WP was definitely a good move. Loving the WP site right now. I may need to get creative with the camera to individualise some feature images. :)

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