Mozart in the Jungle Has Returned!


I am excited!  Season 3 of Mozart in the Jungle dropped on Amazon Prime.  I watch very little of their shows, but I love this one, so much so that before I finished season 1, I tracked down the book it’s based on (which is a very different animal).  Has anyone else watched this?  I think so far I’m the only one.  I blame the platform.  Amazon Prime seems to be esoteric to Netflix users, for obvious reasons.

I actually jumped the gun.  For some reason I was thinking it was yesterday.  I even called up Amazon’s customer service, wanting to know why the show wasn’t in my feed.  I felt bad when I realized I was a day early.  I felt less bad when two different reps had no clue what I was talking about, and one of them had me spell “Mozart.”  *head/desk*

Regardless, I’m so happy to have this show back, even though I’ll burn through it quickly because the episodes are only half an hour.  It’s goofy and unlike anything else I watch, so it’s kind of a palette cleanser in the midst of the rest of it.  And more than that, as goofy as it is, there’s an undenying appreciation of music as the core of the human soul.  It speaks to me.

Now the hard part… getting through the work day so I can watch this evening.

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