Pardon My Rant

Booklikes dropped a bombshell on us this afternoon in the form of the first communication in 6 months.  Horribly ironic that it happens immediately after I finish transferring all of my stuff to this site.  Even more ironic is that the post basically says, “We’re sorry, be patient, we’re working on it.”  No explanations, just an acknowledgment that there’s a line forming to leave the building, and the powers that be are panicked.  What that tells me is that they’ve been watching and listening the entire time, but they couldn’t be bothered to deliver any action until we got angry enough to make them desperate through our action.

It’s insulting.  More insulting are all the “true believers” who are coming out to defend them, thus ensuring that further explanations aren’t required.  Well, I’m going to push for as long as I’m there, provided the site stays up long enough to let me do that.  I feel any BL user staying deserves these answers.  We’ve all fought long and hard through all that nonsense back there, and it’s clear at this point that they need us more than we need them them, so yes… we deserve some fucking answers.  And of course the site is currently down, so I can’t even see how — or if — my questions were answered.

Whether those answers are forthcoming or not, it makes no difference in the end.  This affair is a showpiece, nothing more.  Little will come of it, and I’ll still be gone a week from now.  But not from here.  I’ll be right here, at my new virtual home, secure in the knowledge that if I have a problem, WordPress will answer my questions and fix it… not that I’ve had a single problem since I opened this site.  Gee, if that might smack of competence and professional service.  Good job, WordPress.  Fuck you, Booklikes.

See, this is why I have a blog on this site, so I can express six months worth of pent up anger and move on to better things.  Speaking of…

I’ve just watched the season 3 opener for Mozart in the Jungle.  They’ve added Opera to the mix this season, with recent la femme 007 Monica Bellucci guest-starring as a soprano looking to make a comeback after four years, and why she left hasn’t yet been explained.  Her singing voice is that of Puerto Rican-American soprano Ana María Martínez.  If you’ve not heard her sing, track her down.  She’s amazing!  It’s unbelievable how easy it is for me to fall in love with a beautiful voice.  Have I mentioned how much I love this series?  Ye gods, I love this series.  These are two of the many reasons why.

Time to watch some more.

19 thoughts on “Pardon My Rant

  1. It is definitely frustrating to put it mildly… I’ve been taking down everything that links BL as a main page for my blogging and editing my blogger page so that I can move everything over there instead of waiting and hoping that BL will work again.
    Thank my good luck (or forethought) that I’ve kept my blog synced to everything so I don’t have to worry about transferring anything over or worry about losing anything while BL is down.
    Everyone I know is vacating BL and its disappointing especially with the exodus going on recently because of their inaction to fix the problems on that site.
    The fact that it shut down in the middle of my creating a post last night and remained down the entire day today without a single boo or bah from them until this afternoon felt a little insulting to the fact that many of us have created blogs elsewhere.
    I expressed my frustration among other BL members and was literally attacked for doing it and for being so insensitive to the fact that BL’s owners are going through hard times in their personal lives.
    I am most definitely not insensitive to their struggles but I am most certainly done waiting around for them to care enough about the very thing that keeps us there. Its well worth the time we spend waiting to express our feelings about the issue.
    While I don’t want to vacate it completely I’m done waiting for the owners to act.

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    • I said the same thing. I understand the owners’ issues. Whoever was left to run the operation in their stead has a lot to answer for and should. Screw them all. They get the BL they deserve, especially if they want to accept without explanation. I’m killing my account early. I’m just done with this.

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    • Preach. And the dashboard same issue, people’s comments deleting, etc. I just don’t get why people who asked questions got jumped all over. The dashboard is pretty empty now and I went through and cleaned out my followers list and removed 200+ people who haven’t blogged since summertime and I had some inactive accounts from 2013 and 2014 too.

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      • That seems really excessive… and yet, not that surprising somehow in the wake of all that back there. So sad, mostly because all of this was completely avoidable.


        • True. I think the speed has improved. I haven’t been around much since Friday though. I only saw that some people posted again about issues they were still having. I took E’s advice and signed out. I’m liking WordPress a lot. Just trying to follow everyone!

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          • I know the feeling. I was planning to pull the plug Friday, but after BL’s post and downtime, I killed it as soon as they were back up. WP is far better for my purposes.


            • It’s easier to see notifications for one thing. I was always confused on BL if someone was replying to my comment or not. On here I can clearly see that. Also I like the ability to follow is so much easier here. BL would always do a minute freeze and you had to wait to see if your follow went through.

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              • It got to the point last week when I waited almost 10 minutes for a comment window to load and another 5 to post. Crazy. WP has yet to have any issues that I’ve seen since I’ve been here. Bigger full time staff makes a lot of difference.

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                • I think that’s my confusion about BL. I still have no idea how many people are there. We had I think two IT people at least I talked to two separate ones, Kate would make posts, and I talked to her when I won a prize since she mailed me my books. Then we know there was big BL posts which sometimes was the owner and sometimes not.

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  2. Communication is a major fail in what is going at the moment (and has been over the past year). I understand why people are pissed off and are leaving or re-focusing on other places – damn I am pissed off and shifting my attentions to WP – but at the same time I cannot bear ill will towards BL. I really hope they do figure out how to operate again and give people the book blogging platform that they can be proud of.

    As for the owners personal pit falls, …. I understand this has been a horrible time for them and that BL is not (and should not be) at the top of their list of priorities. However, if it weren’t for snippets of information about this coming from BL members rather than BL – just goes to show that BL really are out of their depth with respect to communication – people would probably have left much earlier. And lets face it, a lot have. It would be a different scenario if BL had told us what was going on. Entirely. Tho, people would still have left.

    However, the question of leaving or staying, the question of how much time people as individuals can give to BL sorting itself out, really should not cause a rift between leavers and stayers. It’s the aspect of BL non-communication that I’m really pissed off most about, which now seems to create camps. Even if this were important enough to make into an issue, there is plenty of room for both leavers and stayers and lurkers and half-interested parties, and anyone in between the lines. People are rightly pissed off with BL, people have a right to feel insulted by the lack of BL response, but people also have a right to hope it will get better and are right to extend their own patience as they see fit. I’ve had enough with the creation of divisiveness this year, especially over matters that are somewhat inconsequential. For me, the question of whether BL is or is not up and running is minor. I will always be thankful that it was up and running at some point in my life and that it allowed me to meet so many amazing people. At the same time, tho, I am also thankful for the issues we have had with BL. Aggravating as this time has been, I’ve taken it as a route to explore other options and feel somewhat liberated to know that we are not 100% dependent on BL. As thankful as I am to BL for introducing me the world of blogging, I am also somewhat thankful that the current issues have allowed me to look at blogging beyond book related topics, which may or may not develop into something.

    Sorry, Troy, I guess this qualifies as a rant of my own.

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    • I begrudge no one their rants. The nature of this is that emotions run high, and to hell with logic or reason where the heart is involved. That’s the point. We loved what BL was. People want to hope it gets better? I won’t be the one to take that from them. I merely want answers from those who were left in charge. No more guessing on our parts, no more dodging on theirs. If someone else wants to reinterpret that as hostile, then that’s fine too. Anger makes me hostile. They bring it on themselves, whomever they may be. I tire of games and no solutions. I’ll be thankful when it’s over. But since solutions won’t be forthcoming, my solution is to drop the baggage. I refuse to carry it any further. It’s made me crazy, being helpless from the sidelines. As you say, there are other options to explore. I’m taking advantage of that. But it’s going to take me some time to decompress and unspool the rage from the stupidity and lack of consideration.

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      • I hear you. Everyone’s got their own way of dealing with this situation – and that is as it should be.

        And as for not getting answers, feeling lied to or not being taken serious, or feeling being taken for a ride, this is exactly what causes people to vote with their feet – and rightly so – but hoping to get answers is probably more futile than hoping for the site to come back to life.

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        • Probably. It doesn’t make it wrong to hope anyway, or to feel justified in that hope. But as it is equally as futile, well, that’s why I’m leaving. No more bullshit, no more excuses, no more grand silences. Screw ’em. I vote with my time and energy, and life’s too short to wait on them to cure their cranial rectitis.

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          • Exactly. I’m in the “let it go” stage, too. I hope BL will come back to life, but it will not be that same place we had. And that’s ok. Things change. So, I’m not going to say “screw’em”, but I appreciate that you and many others do.

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