Upcoming Site Features

Now that I’ve finished scrambling to import book reviews from the soon-to-be-defunct Booklikes account (T minus one week and counting), I’ve been able to stand back and take a fresh look at what’s going here at this site.  I’ve come to a conclusion… simply categorizing books into fiction and non-fiction just aren’t enough.  Those pages are now swelling with reviews.  Simply combing through all that is daunting to me, so I can only imagine how that must look to the average user who has no idea what I’ve reviewed.  I figure a little breakdown by genre is in order, and I’ll probably use the same system I do with my physical bookshelves just to make that easy on me.

With that in mind, new subsection pages, new graphics, and hopefully a system of organization that makes sense.  This should keep me off the streets and out of trouble for a while.  With the upcoming holidays, this isn’t something I’m going to be tackling immediately, but I plan to push this along sometime after the first of the year.  After I get that into place, then I’ll start slowly transferring in the remaining reviews I’ve got over on Audible.  There will not be an onslaught of these as there was with BL.  No time limit, no desperate push.

I fully intend project blogs to start coming more frequently as well, now that I have the BL transfer monkey off my back.  I can spend more of my free time learning things I’m excited about.  The more I learn, the more I’m inspired to learn, and the more I read.  The more I read, the more I write, the more I’m inspired to write, and so on.  This will hopefully translate into content you’ll want to read.

Related to that… there’s yet another project series being launched early next year.  You know, because I don’t have enough of them yet.  This one is long overdue and specifically designed to bring some relentless optimism and joy into my life after the year of suckdom that has been 2016.  The year hasn’t been all bad, of course.  It just seems that way at times when one combats depression as I do.  This new project is inspired by some of the happiness that’s been reawakened this year, to be implemented in the hopes of keeping that flame alive for years to come.  I’ll do a proper unveiling when the time comes, but for now I’ll simply say that it combines my love of art and music.  And as a wise man once said, “… it all began with a mouse.”

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