Random Updates

A lot of little things are on my mind, and blogging over morning coffee helps.  Here goes…

First and foremost is Christmas shopping for my Mom.  Her “thing” is Texas history, especially Republic of Texas era.  By that, I don’t mean that she knows a lot about it.  She doesn’t.  Dad’s the history buff, but he’s more American Revolution, Civil War, and WWII, and he doesn’t want “things that will collect dust,” thus rendering him pointless to shop for on every front.  But that’s a different issue.  Mom’s less about the knowledge and more about the sense of nostalgia.  How that works, I have no idea.  It’s a veneer more than anything else, if that makes sense, sort of like putting a skin on your computer or phone.  Her house is decorated to this concept.  The thing is… I’m running out of ideas because, unlike Star Wars merchandise, there’s only so much to work with on this front.  Over the past years I’ve gotten her a replica Kentucky rifle (the so-called weapon that liberated Texas from Mexico), a Davy Crockett coonskin cap, various display-quality maps, different battle flags from the era, replica currency, and so on.  Even a copy of the Republic Constitution.  This year, I’ve been wracking my brain on this.  I’ve found a replica of the original “Mexican peso” Texas Rangers badge, and that’s pretty much it so far.  It’s rather cool on its own, but I can’t just leave it at that.  I need something else too.  I had a notion of finding a replica of Jim Bowie’s original knife, and I’ve found a couple of them.  The problem is they’re either not for sale or well out of my price range.  Worse still, I have no idea how authentic they may be.  I think this is something I need to research (and save up for) for next year, but that still leaves me scratching my head for this year.  My family was no help.  All suggestions pointed to an Amazon gift card so she could feed her Kindle.  Not bad, but I really hate giving gift cards.  Seems like a cop-out.  Practical, yes, but zero pizazz.

I finally came straight out and asked her what she wanted, and she sent back an emoji of a face rubbing its chin in a “Hmm” gesture.  No help whatsoever.  Gee, thanks.

Booklikes is still down, which is no surprise.  I have to imagine they’re doing some super-spiffy overhaul that’ll hopefully address some of the functionality issues.  All I can say to that is “good — it’ll make it faster and easier for me to delete my account.”  I’m so done with the drama.  Not even worth discussing it anymore.  I’m far happier right here in my little corner of the interwebs, making things grow.  Speaking of which…

A few weeks ago I completely cleaned out and repotted my terrarium.  This morning there are signs of new life starting to peek up through the soil.  Yay!  It’s nice to see something positive at the end of the year.  It’s good symbolism, if nothing else.

Terrarium 12-11-16

When I tossed in some seeds with tweezers because they were too small to handle any other way, I was unable to see where they landed because my eyesight sucks (note to self: you probably need bifocals and need to get your eyes checked after the first of the year), and then I stirred up the soil a bit from there just to ensure the seeds would be in the dirt somewhere.  Interestingly, all of these little sprouts seem to be localized on the left/center of the terrarium.  I saw one sprout over on the right, so down the road if I discover there’s still plenty of vacant real estate over there, I may try to plant one or two more seeds.  Time will tell.  The other question is, what exactly are these sprouts?

I think I’ve got a potential handle on how to reorganize the book review pages on this site now.  It’ll take a little effort to implement, but it shouldn’t be difficult by any stretch of imagination.  Just a bit time consuming.  I’ll work on that behind the scenes slowly.

I finished tearing through season 3 of Mozart in the Jungle.  First half got burned through Friday evening, the rest Saturday morning.  Such a profound little show.  It has so much heart, and I think I have a lot to say about it, but the fact is I really don’t.  It’s one of those that I feel more than anything else.  It taps into my love of music with the precision of a surgeon.  The long wait begins for season 4.  My other Amazon Prime series I’m waiting for starts Friday: The Man in the High Castle, season 2.  I’m chomping at the bit to see where they’re taking things this season.  I’ll start ripping through it Friday evening when I’m done with my second viewing of Rogue One and properly blogging about it.

Speaking of Star Wars, Rebels just aired its mid-season finale last night.  This season has all the feel of the same pacing they used to do on The Clone Wars, where there’s more seeds planted than anything else, but by and large little of it is truly impressive… yet.  I know that they’ll pull the ripcord on the back half of the season, and it’ll be mind-blowing precisely because of what they’ve set into motion.  That’s pretty much standard operating procedure at this point.  I’m intrigued with much of what I’ve seen, and of course I have faith in the production team to pull it off with style.  The next episode after the break is “Ghosts of Geonosis,” implying that they’re going to do some direct tie-in work with the Death Star and Rogue One.  That’s the hopes.  I know that Filoni and Ridge are lacing things together, working with the Lucasfilm Story Group on galaxy-wide cohesion.  And the Ghost has been spotted as an easter egg among the Rebel fleet in the Rogue One trailer spots.  Nice touch, I think.


Last but not least, I’m working through Henry V for my No-Fear Shakespeare project and still dwelling on a long overdue Project: Monster entry for Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.  I thought busting through a Shakespearean play was work.  Compared to Metropolis, Henry V is easy! Well, easier.  Didn’t see that coming.  I feel like I could write an entire series of entries on this one film.  So much to explore, so many different aspects to discuss.  It’s crazy.

2 thoughts on “Random Updates

  1. I never know what to get anyone for Christmas either. I usually try to get something special/personal for birthdays and Christmas is usually chocolates or bubble bath (if I know the person like that sort of thing) or something useful if I know the persona needs whatever it is.

    I would LOVE a giftcard for my favourite online book shop but people usually get me completely useless things like bubble bath (we have a drought – bath water ends up on the plants, so I can’t go wild with the soap and additives) and completely ignore when I tell them “gift voucher from XYZ”. They don’t even have to go to the shop – it can all be done online.

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