Lord Vader, I Presume?

I ran across this photo on a handful of different sites, and I’ve been geeking out about it ever since.  Please forgive me while I geek out some more.


This is apparently a still shot from a creature shop featurette released as part of a press junkit for Rogue One.  You see the costume being tested out for walking.

That’s not my point of geekout.  Look behind the actor at the mannequin, and then cross-reference that with the production sketches on the board on the right.

Unless I miss my guess, I’m thinking that has to be what’s remaining of Darth Vader, minus the prosthetics and armor.  The mask suggests a bacta tank, a la what Luke was dunked into in The Empire Strikes Back.

And if this really is Vader, childhood-me is squeeing at the top of my lungs.  So the question becomes, how does this factor?  We know there are flashbacks, but is this a part of it?  Does it hearken back to just after Revenge of the Sith?  Or does it factor in to the beatdown between him and Ahsoka at the end of Rebels season 2?  Or is it something else entirely?  I’ll have answers Thursday evening.  In the meantime, speculation is half the fun.

3 thoughts on “Lord Vader, I Presume?

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