A New Project

I think everyone who keeps up with this me and this site knows that I’ve got more projects going than I can viably keep up with.  In that spirit, it’s time to add yet another one.  I was pretty sure I’d wait to unveil this project sometime after the new year, but… well, why not now?

Ladies and Gents, kids of all ages, and kids at heart, I give you…


I’ll just let you click over and see for yourself what it’s all about, though I think you could probably guess.

The “why now” aspect of it comes down to having watched a relatively new Disney movie this evening that isn’t getting a lot of love out there in the world, The BFG.  Originally when I conceived of Mouse Magic, I figured I’d hit all of the animated theatrical releases in order, just start at the top with Snow White and work my way down.  After watching The BFG, I realized that if I stuck to that plan, it’d be a while before I got around to blogging about it.  That seems criminal right about now, all things considered.  Look for that review by the end of this week.  Hopefully it won’t even take that long.  It’s just that things are a bit bananas this week, and I don’t want to short change it.  At its core, this project is all about reversing some of the damage of “adult” life by reminding me of far better things.  You see, I’ve discovered that sometimes it really is just that easy.

2 thoughts on “A New Project

  1. Love the old Disney movies but not quite sure about the new ones with an obvious moral lesson at the end. I’m pretty sure the BFG did quite well over here in the UK or that might just be the kids I spoke to whilst helping with The Big Friendly Read summer reading challenge this year.

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    • Many of them had obvious moral messages. It’s just that they tend to really beat you over the head with them now. lol. I’m glad to hear it’s getting some play with kids. I don’t know of anyone else that’s seen it. But then, I don’t have kids.

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